Satellite Landcover Monitoring System

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SLMS is an Infrastracure as a Service project

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Infrastructure components

SLMS training

Create a linux desktop VM with the SLMS preinstalled, it's simple as install Ubuntu!

Download ISO image

SLMS Ubuntu desktop

An Ubuntu desktop distribution ready to host a SLMS training and test environment through chef provisioning.

Download ISO image

SLMS Ubuntu server

An Ubuntu server distribution ready to host a production SLMS platform through chef provisioning.

Download VMDK disk (Coming soon!)

SLMS chef cookbook

Deploy the SLMS system just typing 2 bash commands!

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Virtualization tools

We support VMware player(Win, Linux) and VirtualBox(Mac, Win, Linux) for training pourpose and VMware vSphere Hypervisor (aka ESXi) for production envoronments

Try VMware Player 12
Try Virtual Box 5
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The SLMS platform is composed of 4 main projects

Fork them on GitHub and help us with your Pull Requests!

These are the GitHub projects which represents the core applicative components of the platform

SLMS User Interface

Browse the maps and visualize the statistical data! built with Openlayers, jQuery and Bootstrap

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SLMS Admin Interface

Web interface for the platform administration, built with Spring and Bootstrap

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SLMS GeoBach

The batch ingestion system: upload GeoTiff and shapefile and automatically publish them on the sevrer! built with Spring and Geotools

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The core component of the SLMS platform: renders and distributes GIS data around the web throught OGC protocols!

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This is the complete documentation for the SLMS platform system administrators

A basic knowledge of Linux and the GIS world (most common data formats and OGC protocols) is required.

  • Geoserver the geospatial backend used to disseminate the data through the OGC protocols
  • Geobatch a geospatial oriented batch ingestion system
  • Geostore a storage + a REST interface used to store configurations and statistics
  • Admin UI a WebApp to help the admin in the data management
  • Portal UI v1.0 what the end-user only see :)


Some useful SLMS developer resources