Introduction to GeoBatch

What is GeoBatch

  • GeoBatch is an open source Java enterprise application for the collection, processing and publication of geospatial data in real time.
  • GeoBatch is a processing engine aimed towards the processing of geographic data.
  • GeoBatch is an event-based geospatial aware batch processing system to ease the development, deploying, and management of tasks as streams of geospatial data. GeoBatch provides basic components for the collection, processing and publication of data.

GeoBatch also provides user profiles, in order to give different users the privileges to admin the processes or to monitor the processes status.

Why use GeoBatch

Because it is free software. This significantly lowers the financial barrier to entry when compared to traditional products. In addition, not only is it available free of charge, it is also open source. Bug fixes and feature improvements in open source software are greatly accelerated when compared to privative software solutions. Leveraging GeoBatch in your organization also prevents software lock-in, saving costy support contracts down the road.

Who develops GeoBatch

GeoSolutions is a geospatial ICT company with a strong commitment to providing innovative, robust and cost-effective professional services and solutions based on best-of-breed Open Source technologies.

GeoSolutions commitment to Open Source software goes beyond simple usage and advocacy since our associates are core developers of a wide number of projects (GeoBatch, GeoServer, GeoNetwork and GeoTools to list a few). Nevertheless, since our goal is the absolute client satisfaction, seamless interoperability and integration with COTS software and existing infrastructure is our primary concern.

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