Deploy and configure dissemination Portal

Simply copy the application file unredd-portal.war to the tomcat webapps directory. For example:

sudo cp unredd-portal.war /var/tomcat/portal/webapps/portal.war

This will install and run the portal with the default (sample) configuration, accessible in:

Portal configuration directory

To customize the portal for a new country, you need to create a new PORTAL_CONFIG_DIR. An example directory is shipped with the portal application, under WEB-INF/default_config. Use it as an example to build your own configuration directory.

Further details on customization are found in Customize.

Portal properties file

The file $PORTAL_CONFIG_DIR/ contains some important parameters, such as the geostore location, or the WPS custom stats service. Please review its contents so the parameters match the server setup. More details in Customize.

Environment settings

To inform the application about the country specific data location, set a Java System Property called PORTAL_CONFIG_DIR.

This property can be placed in the JAVA_OPTS environment variable, using the -D option. For example, in tomcat’s, add:


# Application specific environment

# Java options